New Roof Installation Process

Veterans Construction Roof Replacement Process

Material Delivery is the first step in your Roof Replacement. One of our suppliers will deliver your material a day or two before your New Roof is Scheduled to be installed. Our crews utilize pull behind trailer dumps. This is the only way we can ensure you are not inconvenienced by a huge metal roll of dumpster that has to get dropped of days before the installation begins, and often sits for days after the installation is complete. These roll offs can also damage your driveway. So if you talk to other Roofers, as if they use Pull Behind Trailers or Huge Inconvenient Roll of Dumpsters.

Protecting your landscaping and property is the first thing that our crew does once they arrive at your home. They put tarps over bushes, trees, and other areas that need extra protection. We have pride in the work we do, and will treat your property as if it were our own. Covering landscaping and bushes is the first precaution to protect your property the best we can.

Once your property is adequately protected the crew will then begin to tear off your existing shingles, and inspect the Wood Decking for any soft areas that may need replaced, and that the surface is adequate for nailing. We include 3 Free Sheets of Plywood in our estimate to minimize any unforeseen costs. If you are getting estimates, always ask how much plywood repair is going to cost on top of their Low Bid.

The next step is Underlayment. This is a critical product that is the most important barrier that keeps water out of your home. Now, Ice and Water Shield is not code here in the Carolinas, But, not putting it in the valleys creates a high risk of water penetration from ice dams, and wind driven rains. Which is why we include IWS in every valley to ensure your home is protected long term!  Most contractors don’t use it because it increases costs, and they would rather be the lowest price in hope of getting more business by being cheap. Which is why we call these contractors Low Bid Larrys. 

The other part of the Underlayment is the Deck Covering. We Only use Superior Synthetic No Slip lay flat Underlayment. The technology is 20 times more advanced than traditional asphalt felt.

Drip Edge is essential to protect your fascia from rot and water. A Low Bid Larry won’t include this step because he wants the lowest bid, so skipping out on drip edge could save money but it will cause problems down the road. So if you get other estimates, make sure you ask them if they are including Drip Edge.

Before shingles can be installed your roof edges need a special product called “Starter Strip” it is a specially designed strip to ensure that wind will not cause damage along the edges of your roof. This unfortunately is something Low Bid Larrys cut corners on. A lazy Larry will simply turn a shingle around and use it as the first course. The creates a weak roof edge and can cause water problems in the future and risk wind damage.

Next Shingles will Start to be installed. In this process alot of the Accessories will also be changed. This includes Box ventilation, And Pipe Boots. There is a wide range of materials on the market, and we will go over the difference between the products we install and the products a Low Bid Larry will install here in a just a few minutes.

Step Flashing is the next thing that is essential in protecting your home long term. It goes anywhere your roof meets a wall. Most Low Bid Larrys will simply reuse the old step flashing. This creates a sloppy and dangerous section of your roof. The metal pieces are bent and have holes from previous nails. Our crews make sure all of your step flashing is replaced. Before you sign a contract with a Low Bid Larry, make sure you ask if he is reusing or if he is replacing your step flashing.

If you have brick or a chimney, make sure to ask if New Counter Flashing and Chimney flashing will be replaced in their bid, 99 out of 100 roofing contractors will simply reuse the old flashing, unless someone asks them about it. It is an easy way for a Low Bid Larry to keep his estimate the lowest. If you have a chimney or brick all the flashing will be replaced with NEW flashing and not reused. Reused flashing might get you a lower price, but it can lead to alot of head aches in the future.

Once all of your shingles and accessories are installed the last step is Ridge Cap. It is installed anywhere two elevations of roof meet, and covers the seam with a nice attractive covering. This is a point where Low Bid Larry’s will try and cut costs for a lower bid, hoping you won’t know the difference, between true ridge cap and cut 3 tab shingles.

Next is a final clean up of your property. The crew will be cleaning up all day, but the one or two guys on the ground won’t be able to keep up with the guys on the roof. But, we want it to look like we were never there, and your roof magically changed itself. The last thing the crew will do is run a magnet over the yard to pick up loose nails.

The last thing that will happen is our crew leader will do a final Inspection of your new roof and complete a quality control checklist to make sure the roof is up to our standards, and that nothing was missed or overlooked. Then Our Veterans Board randomly selects roofs for audit to ensure everything is up to the Veterans Construction Standards.

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