What Our Customers Say

neher Mr. & Mrs. Neher

I found it be very turn key and an advantage to the homeowner. “Watch Video”

Taylor Mr. Taylor

If I were to do it over again the 3 reason I would choose Veterans Construction is: 1.) Easy to work with. 2.) Did what they said they would do. 3.) Great Work.  “Watch Video”





Mrsmiller Mrs. Miller

They made it very easy to do, and they are a dependable and quality company. “Watch Video”

Joe&Mary Joe & Mary

“We were totally happy with the job done. Professional, fast, and good to their word” “Watch Video”

Fenton2 Mr. Fenton

“I would recommend them to anyone” “Watch Video” 


Hatesohl Mr. Hatesol

“Joshua was very professional and treated us with utmost respect. Thanks for a job well done.” “Watch Video”


??????????????????????????????? Kenny
McGee4b McGee
Lee2-FrontAfter Lee
1Bowron Bowron
2-FrontAfter Dominic
2After Grant
simpson Mr. Simpson

They were fair, and did a good job “Watch Video”


T007-Riis Mr. & Mrs. Riis

They did an excellent job keeping us informed on situation and processes of getting a claim filed and completion of project… “Watch Video”